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Albums of 2018

As another great year for music draws to a close, it’s time for the obligatory end of year list. So here it is, my top albums, EPs and singles of 2018. As always feel free to get on Twitter to discuss, disagree with, or disparage my choices.


Brian Fallon


“Overall, the record is recognisably Fallon’s; he takes his best ingredients of trademark likeability and searing emotional insight and transfers it while changing things up musically. It’s inspiring to see a musician like him take strides and experiment, not necessarily taking the safe route.”


Courtney Barnett

Tell Me How You Really Feel

“It’s full of incessantly catchy guitar riffs; a keen, driving rhythm section; and the unparalleled witty lyrics with which Barnett made her name. But it also bursts with more contradictions and a wider variety of personal intimacies than ever before.”




“This is a slick, confident, emotionally mature and balanced album, crammed with zingers, from a band who know their territory like the back of their hands.”


The Decemberists

I’ll Be Your Girl

“It shows a refreshed band, back on the chase to find new ways of songwriting, with strong melodies and intriguing lyrics remaining a constant. “I’ll Be Your Girl” is the start of this new chapter, and it’s a wonderful place for them to begin again.”


Death Cab for Cutie

Thank You For Today

“Ultimately, Thank You for Today finds the Death Cab for Cutie of 2018 taking stock of their band, choosing to forge ahead by using the foundation of their back catalogue to harness their core identity and build upon it. The band’s shared vision is clear, encapsulated in this collection of songs.”


Alkaline Trio

Is This Thing Cursed?

“You can argue that it doesn’t break new musical ground, and you can keep your noses upturned if you like, but with consummate poise Alkaline Trio have cemented their reputation as this genre’s premier songwriters. It’s not too late to get a heart-skull tattoo.”


Screaming Females

All at Once

“There’s an artful use of simplicity here to the extent that these songs don’t sound simple at all- they are massive, moving, and multifaceted- but never are they bland. Rather, instead of punching note after note down our ears, Screaming Females make every pluck, every single thwap, single second, do something to advance the album. When every single element counts, the whole thing feels that much more important.”


Jack White

Boarding House Ranch

“White does pretty much everything except what fans have learned to expect from him. It’s an ambitious, dizzying, and sometimes challenging listen, but overall makes for one of the most maniacally creative albums of the year.”


Nine Inch Nails

Bad Witch

“It’s the sound of a band bolstering their already formidable palette. Free from the shackles of Reznor’s self-imposed trilogy of releases, the masters of melancholy sound rejuvenated, and ready for another 30-plus years as kings of the musical underworld.”


Kurt Vile

Bottle It In

“He is one of the most dependable artists working in indie rock, rehashing old sounds while always pushing the envelope, constantly expanding his artistic approach while never losing his footing.”

Best of the rest